3 Best Winter Boots for Diabetics (Part 2)

And we’re back with part 2 in our discussion of the best winter boots for diabetics! You can find Part 1 of our discussion here, which focuses on winter boots for men. To recap, there are a couple of major differences that make diabetic winter boots different from normal boots which are the extra depth construction and removable insoles – standard features in diabetic footwear – allowing the use of prescription orthotics for a personalized fit.

Today, we’ll be focusing on diabetic winter boots for women. Standard features that winter boots need to have include a waterproof construction to keep feet dry and a heat retaining interior to keep feet warm; additional features that are of benefit are durable outsoles with aggressive tread patterns.

Best Women’s Winter Boots for Diabetics – P.W. Minor Women’s Tribeca – $154
PW Minor Tribeca

P.W. Minor Women’s Tribeca wins the competition! If you don’t mind spending a little more for a high quality boot, this is the go to choice because of its lightweight construction. These chukka boots have a waterproof, full grain leather upper to keep feet dry; it also has a Thinsulate lining for extra warmth and a Dri-Lex treatment to control odor and keep feet feeling fresh. The boot is available five different widths from Narrow (2A) all the way up to XX-Wide (4E) which is perfect for a variety of foot types. The full length insole helps to cushion each step and it can also be removed to use personal orthotics.

  • Waterproof, full grain leather upper
  • Thinsulate lining with Dri-Lex treatment</li
  • Full length, removable insole with Dri-Lex cover</li
  • Biomechanical rubber outsole that is slip resistant for everyday settings

Runner Up – Propet Women’s Madison Strap – $90
Propet Madison Winter Boots for Women
The Propet Madison Strap is a great winter boot for diabetics not only because of the price point at $90 but also because of the many features to keep feet feeling great during the winter season. The Sealtex waterproof construction keeps water from entering while the Vaporex lined insole helps to maintain a warm interior temperature. What’s also great is the extra volume construction that provides a deeper fit thanks to the removable insole and extra insole spacer. For people that have difficulty putting on boots, the adjustable hook-and-loop strap is perfect because it creates an extra large opening for easy on and off. The boot is also available as a lace-up.

  • Nylon upper with Scotchgard treatment for salt resistance
  • Hook and loop closure and faux shearling lining
  • Sealtex Waterproof construction
  • Extra Volume construction
  • Removable, heat retaining Vaporex insole

Honorable Mention – Drew Women’s Glacier – $195


It was a close competition but the reason I think that the
The Drew Glacier receives honorable mention as it’s created as a hiking/trail boot rather than strictly as a winter boot. It has a waterproof nubuck and textile upper and a waterproof lining, however now insulation to keep feet warm during the winter. The aggressive tread on the outsole provides excellent traction even on hard packed snow; added and double depth construction provides a very deep shoe to fit prescribed orthotics. The Drew Shoes Glacier is available in the Narrow (2A) width up to the X-Wide (3E) width.

  • Waterproof nubuck and textile upper with waterproof lining
  • Rubber outsole with aggressive tread pattern
  • Firm heel counter
  • Tempered steel shank
  • Added and double depth with removable footbed and spacer
  • Fits prescribed orthotics

This brings a conclusion to our review of the best diabetic winter boots for both men and women. I hope this two part series was informative and helps with future purchases.


Alcohol and Diabetes – You Wont Believe What Drinking Red Wine Does for Diabetes!

Alcohol is a double edged sword in the nutrition world. A little enjoyment each day has shown positive benefits in mental well-being such as reduced stress while also improving physical health by lowering the risk of cardiovascular disease. There can however be “too much of a good thing” and drinking too much alcohol can hinder cardiovascular health by damaging heart muscles. Excessive alcohol consumption can also limit the effectiveness of white blood cells in the body which are responsible for keeping bacterial invaders at bay.

A recent study however has shown a positive relationship between the moderate consumption of red wine and management of type 2 diabetes.The study consisted of 224 participatents between ages 40 to 75 over a two year period consisting of alcohol abstaining type 2 diabetics that had their diabetes under control. They were randomly assigned to 150 ml of mineral water (control), white wine, or red wine with dinner for two years with wines and mineral water being provided by the study. All groups in this study followed a Mediterranean diet without restrictions on caloric intake. 87% of participants completed the trial with 80% drinking their daily dose of wine.

The results revealed that high-density lipoprotein (HDL) cholesterol – the good kind of cholesterol – was increased significantly through the consumption of red wine while also having a more beneficial cholesterol ratio compared to the group that only drank mineral water. Participants that were in the wine group also had improved quality of sleep. This study suggests that moderate consumption of red wine among well controlled diabetics can be part of a healthy diet and is not only safe but also helps to modestly decrease cardio-metabolic risk.

Red wine contains a number of unique antioxidants that are hard to obtain through other sources. The alcohol in red wine also helps to manage post-meal spikes in blood sugar by absorbing the sugar and calories in the meal.

3 Best Winter Boots for Diabetics ( Part 1)

Autumn is upon us and that means winter will soon be knocking at the door – it’s going to get cold and wet – and that is definitely something to consider when trekking out of the warm house for even the smallest task! In order to keep warm, we layer up and wear thick winter clothes, but what about our feet? Feet need attention too during the winter time and this is especially the case for diabetic feet.

People with diabetic foot problems already have a variety of issues that they need to be aware of – poor circulation, slow healing, swelling, ulcers, and infections – with the cold winter weather adding to the list. The wet weather can easily lead to foot fungus while the cold temperature can further affect circulation as well as causing frost bite – another possibility for amputation!

To help maintain foot health during the cold and wet winter months, I’ve gone ahead and compiled a list of the best diabetic winter boots. This will be a two part post with the first part for men’s winter boots and the second for women’s winter boots. The boots reviewed are based on my own personal opinion and research information found from customer reviews, product description, features, and price point.

Best Winter Boots for Men with DiabetesDrew Rockford – $276
Drew Rockford Diabetic Boots
The Drew Rockford is by far the best diabetic boots for men during the winter months – the reason I say this is because of the range of size and width combinations available! These boots start at a Men’s Size 8 with a Medium width and go all the way up to a Men’s Size 16 in the XX-Wide width or 6E. It’s a great choice for men with larger and wider feet; also available in three different color combinations: black, brown, and wheat nubuck. Other features that make these diabetic boots stand out are the following:

  • Plus Fitting System for added and double depth, the Rockford comes with  a moldable insole and a removable spacer underneath the insole
  • Tempered steel shank to help offload weight when walking
  • Waterproof leather upper
  • Dupont ThermoLite waterproof membrane lining keeps feet warm and dry
  • Slip resistant outsole (non-industry)
  • Medicare Coded HCPCS A5500 for reimbursement purposes

Runner Up – Propet Camp Walker Hi – $100

Propet Camp Walker Hi Diabetic Boots

The Propet Camp Walker Hi is available in two colors: black and brown. What I really like about it is the suede and mesh upper because it just looks very fashionable and something not typically seen. It’s also available in multiple size and width combinations starting from a Men’s 7, MEDIUM to a Men’s 16, XX-WIDE 5E/3W; one caveat however is that the shoes are not available in a WIDE width so there are only 3 width options to choose from. The best selling point about this boot is the price point of $100 because you’re getting a full featured boot at a great deal.

  • Weather resistant suede and mesh upper
  • Sealtex waterproof bootie
  • Removable footbed
  • Medicare Coded HCPCS A5500 for reimbursement purposes

Honorable Mention – Propet Blizzard – $100

Propet Blizzard Winter Boots

The Propet Blizzard takes honorable mention in our ranking of diabetic winter boots. It has all the essential features needed in a winter boot such as heat retention, waterproof protection, and a durable upper that is water and stain resistant – a real steal at $100! The only reason that it didn’t rank high is that the Propet Blizzard is not coded for diabetic use and cannot be reimbursed by Medicare.

  • Scotchgard treated leather upper with rubber toe
  • Sealtex waterproof bootie construction
  • Thinsulate lining for added warmth
  • Vaproex heat retaining insoles can be replaced with personal
  • orthotics

There you have it – top three winter boots for people with diabetes and other foot conditions that require a removable insole and wider fit! If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me or simply leave a comment. Stay tuned for next weeks post for the Best Winter Boots for Women!